What is Bishop?

Who we help


Having trouble finding a way to host, stream and/or monetize your video content? Bishop is built for you! We provide publishers with:

  • Pre-configured video player
  • World-wide content delivery network (CDN)
  • Share of advertising revenue
  • Growing library of ready-to-use content
  • Ability to upload your own custom content

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Want to reach the right audience at the right time? Bishop is built for you! We provide advertisers with:

  • Access to premium pre-, mid- and post-roll inventory
  • Over 94 million unique users per month
  • Brand-safe, vetted publishers and video content
  • Highly targeted messaging and reporting through our proprietary DUET platform
  • Ability to control which types of videos your ads run against

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Content Creators

Having trouble distributing and/or monetizing your video content? Bishop is built for you! We provide content creators with:

  • Comprehensive distribution network
  • Free hosting and server fees
  • Free encoding
  • Share of advertising revenue

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How it works

Step 1:

Create a player

Players are like gateways. Anytime video content is distributed on the internet, a player is required for site visitors to view it.

Step 2:

Access the library

Our video content library is growing by the minute! Take a moment to search through it and become familiar with it.

Step 3

Upload/Embed content, make money!

We will find the advertisers and automatically run their ads on videos embedded from our library. Each time a video embedded from our library is viewed, advertising revenue is shared with both the publisher and content creator. If you create and publish your own content, you will receive revenue as both publisher and content creator!